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My Babes

Who should I do more of? 

4 deviants said Mašta OC - Masta by pizza-tron-2010
4 deviants said Basad Hold Em by pizza-tron-2010
3 deviants said Someone else (comment!!)
2 deviants said Frankie Get on with it... by pizza-tron-2010
2 deviants said Zelig OC - Zelig by pizza-tron-2010
2 deviants said Aravind Aravind Romonov by pizza-tron-2010
1 deviant said "Valiant" Valiant Protector by pizza-tron-2010
1 deviant said Adam Adam (updated look) by pizza-tron-2010
1 deviant said Imani The look in his eyes by pizza-tron-2010
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Bullet; Black Here are a couple things you should know about all my OCs! If this journal doesn't satisfy your curiosity, send a message!Email Send  I don't mind answering stuff about them!Heart 

Please let me know if you see any typos as well, that will be greatly appreciated!!



I have added some brief history to each OC, although not finished, but soon it will be!


Star! Story 1 OCs: These characters live in our world basically. It takes place in our current year.

Name: Adam/Project-1990
Pose for me by pizza-tron-2010My Feels Tho (Adam) by pizza-tron-2010Thirsty by pizza-tron-2010
Height: 6ft. 0in. || Nickname: Babe/ Baby (by his girlfriend)
Date of Birth: April 1, 1990 || Age: 26
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual || Significant Other?: Yes
Profession: Medical "Lab Rat"/ Genetic Experiment
Personality: Jealous type, somewhat immature, Charming
Brief History: The year is 1980, Scientists wish to create a human being in order to test medicines and other experiments on a live human being. Although human testing is against the law, scientists have found a loophole, they instead try to create a human. Since nothing of this sort has ever been done, experiments on their future project may be legal to a certain extent. Although not completely considered a person, scientists have finally discovered a way to create a human from certain strands of DNA from various individuals to create a sort of "Designer Baby". In 1990, those scientists working day and night have finally created a new lifeform. This experiment may still be classified as a human being, but since he had not been birthed like a normal one, instead in a test tube and grown, he is still unclassified. It also helped that he had been kept a secret, thus making testing easier on him and the others to come.

Name: Frank
Frankieee by pizza-tron-2010 
Get on with it... by pizza-tron-2010 OC - Frankie by pizza-tron-2010
Height: 6ft. 0in. || Nickname: Frankie
Date of Birth: July 15, 1960 || Actual Age: 56 || Cloned Body Age: 26
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual || Significant Other?: None
Profession: Lead Singer and Guitarist/ "Awakening" Experiment
Personality: Drama Queen, Stubborn and a hard egg to crack
Brief History: Frankie's career is going great in 1983, with him being a lead singer and guitarist of his band nothing seems impossible for him at this point. His loving girlfriend at the time supports and follows him around to his concerts. Everything is going great until an accident on that fateful year in 1985. Mid December, Frankie's friends gather around at his funeral, everything had gone horribly wrong, who was to blame? Some people swear they saw the tour bus go straight for a big tree, the ones in it say otherwise. The other survivors claim it was someone in a black pickup swerve towards their direction. What really happened on that fateful night in December? Five years after Frankie had passed away, two men, hired by the same scientists that had worked to create clones and other experiments on humans, had gone to his grave and obtained DNA and other needed elements to clone his body. His conciousness, however, was taken from him and added to his body, but that's a story for another day.

Name: Isaiah Francisco Manuel Baker
Isaiah Baker (Guapo) by pizza-tron-2010 Isaiah (Modern) by pizza-tron-2010 OC-tober 3 (Isaiah) by pizza-tron-2010
Height: 5ft. 10in. || Nickname: Guapo/ Pretty Boy
Date of Birth: May 27, 1821 || Actual Age: 195 || Clone Body Age: 25
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual || Significant Other?: None
Profession: Cowboy/ "Awakening" Experiment
Personality: Shy, Very Caring (especially towards his mother), Awkward most of the time
Brief History: Sunny days and warm nights in Texas were the norm in Isaiah's time. Having a wonderful quiet life (all before the Mexian-American war had begun in 1844) was what he had, growing crops for his family and herding cattle and other livestock is what he did for survival. One fateful night, bandits had come and tried to rob his family. Isaiah being the only one in the house had been killed. His family had mourned his death and buried him in the local graveyard. His family had sworn that they had seen two men in black coats visit his grave. Many years later in 1991, his cloning process had been started as well as the conciousness project known as "Awakening" had been added to his list of projects to be done.

Name: Maeda Nobuyuki
Maeda Nobuyuki (Joe) by pizza-tron-2010 Don't worry by pizza-tron-2010 Drunk Joe by pizza-tron-2010
Height: 6ft. 3in. || Nickname: Joe
Date of Birth: May 24, 1815 || Actual Age: 201 || Clone Body Age: 31
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual || Significant Other?: None
Profession: Samurai Apprentice/ Impersonator/ "Awakening" Experiment
Personality: Outgoing, Flirtatious, Impatient
Brief History: Having grown up in the Edo period of Japan, he had always seen how brave and and courageous samurais had been and had always wanted to become one. Although later on in life his mind had gone from "being brave and courageous" to 
'impress all the ladies", he still wanted to become a samurai, however. Throught his mid 20s he had tried very hard to become a samurai, he failed miserably and continued to lie about his skills just to impress women and finally find one that piqued his interest and settle down and marry. One sunny afternoon, two apprentice samurais came to visit Joe to mess around with him calling him out on his false mastery. The pair ended up murdering him in cold blood. As with the other two experiments, he was also cloned and had his conciousness placed into the clone, although he was the first to have this happen in 1985.

Name: Angel
OC - Angel by pizza-tron-2010 Angel baby by pizza-tron-2010 
Height: 5ft. 11in. || Nickname: Annie
Date of Birth: July 16, 2021 || Age: -5
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual || Significant Other?: None
Profession: Student
Personality: A bit outgoing, speaks his mind, holds grudges easy
Brief History: While succesfully creating the very first "test tube designer baby" from various people, scientists were still trying to figure out if it were possible for that newly created, totally customized human to father children. So they gave Project-1990 the oportunity to have a child with his girlfriend. They eventually did and in the year 2021, on a very hot July morning, Angel was born. Researchers were eager to see the new child and have concluded that Project-1990 was a complete success and would keep the child a secret as well. Although not entirely a secret like Project-1990, Angel was let out into the world as little as possible. Only going to special schools throught his life and eventually a proper college. He was very close to his mother and father and eventually entered society as a normal, socially acceptable adult.

Name: Zelig
OC - Zelig by pizza-tron-2010 
Height: 6ft. 1in. || Nickname: November/ NVM-07-94
Date of Birth: July 9, 2027|| Age: -11
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual || Significant Other?: None
Profession: ??
Personality: Introvert, Holds grudges easy, Passionate
Brief History: Cloning had still been very prominent in the laboratory where Project-1990 had been created. Scientists still wanted to create something better so they decided to clone his offspring to see if it were possible to create a completely different human being from a chid, even if it were a clone. They wanted to make having children easier for people so they decided cloning an existing human and changing a couple strands of DNA to make it a completely different person would become a normal thing in the future. Six years after Angel was born testing had been done and results became clear. It was possible for that to happen. However, their first attempt wasn't exactly what they wanted. Their strands of DNA weren't drastically changed as they had planned in the begining. So Experiment NVM-07-94 had been taken to an orphanage in Germany where he was later adopted by a couple. Their raising, newly named Zelig, didn't go so well as his adoptive mother ended up being an alcoholic and his adoptive father had left entirely when he had turned 10. Growing up in a horrible neighborhood didn't help either and at the early age of 12 did he soon learn of his origins. A man from the laboratory had tried to retrieve his failed experiment and eventually work with him to better understand their failure.

Name: DeadMeat
OC-tober 5 (DeadMeat) by pizza-tron-2010 Deadmeat by pizza-tron-2010 A Little Friend by pizza-tron-2010
Height: || Nickname: None
Date of Birth: January, 2005 || Age: 11
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual || Significant Other?: None (neighborhood female dogs?)
Profession: Pet/ Genetic Experiment
Breed: Genetically Modified Xoloitzcuintli
Personality: A big dog with the mind of a puppy, Big Heart, Bigger Body
Brief History: A horrible accident had befallen a poor puppy one day in Mexico. A pound had collected what they thought was a dying dog. Soon after they had decided to throw it out due to the fact that they felt it wasn't necessary to save the poor animal. Laboratory research had moved its experimental base to Mexico for a time for cheaper medicine to be tested on Project-1990. One of the scientists working on genetic experiments had gone to the pound for a randomly selected dog, the pound denied his request, however, on that same day, the pound was about to throw out the dying puppy while the scientist was asking for an animal. The scientist had asked for that one, and the pound agreed. Something in that scientist had decided to help the poor dog live a little longer. Genetic experimentation had further improved in early December of 2004 so by 2005 the idea of genetically modifying an animal was no great feat for them. That same scientist had decided to mix different types of DNA into this puppy to create a healthy new bread of dog. Probably one with a little more hair. This however did not work with this dog, somewhere along the lines the method used to splice DNA together went wrong and created this monstrosity now known as "DeadMeat". (Lovingly called by Project-1990 after finding him wandering about in the laboratory). The scientist who created DeadMeat had decided to leave the new beast with the child, thus created a lifelong friendship between a boy and a "dog".

Name: Leander
Leander - Colored by pizza-tron-2010
Height: 6ft. 11in. || Nickname: Project No. L-30-AUG-20
Date of Birth: August 20, 2054 || Age: 23
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual || Significant Other?: None
Profession: Genetic Experiment
Personality: Outgoing, Curious, Always Happy
Brief History: Cloning had become a normal thing in the year 2025 as well as genetic experimentation. So scientists tried to take it one step further, although they had done somewhat of an experiment similar before, they tried the same but with a human this time. Splicing together DNA of three different creatures and a human is what they strived for. Parts of a lion, a horse, an eagle and a human being all to make a chimera. Experimentation was a success after 29 years of hard research and many failures along the way. It was as though they had finally created a real mythological creature. This experiment, however, was to be kept indoors at all times due to the fact that it would frighten people. Nothing more is known about this creature due to its existence being completely secret.


Star! Story 2 OCs: This story is in it's own Universe and the current year is 7820 A.K. (After New Appointed King)

Name: Imani Romonov
The look in his eyes by pizza-tron-2010 Portrait of a Prince by pizza-tron-2010 Keep Your Hands On Me by pizza-tron-2010
Height: 6ft. 4in. || Nickname: None
Date of Birth: Late Fall 7794 A.K. || Age: 26
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual || Significant Other?: None
Profession: Prince, Second in line to the throne of the Romonov Empire
Personality: Narcissistic, Outgoing, Hardheaded/ Stubborn
Brief History: 

Kamil Riad Romonov
Sweet Eyes by pizza-tron-2010 Prosperity by pizza-tron-2010 Worry No More by pizza-tron-2010
Height: 6ft. 7in. || Nickname: None
Date of Birth: Early Fall 7791 A.K. || Age: 29
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: Homosexual || Significant Other?: Mašta
Profession: Prince, Next in line to the throne of the Romonov Empire
Personality: Humble, Trustworthy, Extremely Patient
Brief History: 

Aravind Romonov by pizza-tron-2010
Height: 5ft. 11in. || Nickname: Vinny
Date of Birth: Late Spring 7801 A.K. || Age: 19
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: Bisexual || Significant Other?: None
Profession: Prince, Third in line to the throne of the Romonov Empire
Personality: Manipulative, Mischievous, Spoiled
Brief History: 

Iryna Romonov
Iryna Romonov by pizza-tron-2010 Mother by pizza-tron-2010 Trio by pizza-tron-2010
Height: 5ft. 7in. || Nickname: None
Date of Birth: Mid Summer 7778 A.K. || Age: 42
Sex: Female || Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual || Significant Other?: Husband (King of the Romonov Empire)
Profession: Queen of the Romonov Empire
Personality: Motherly, Strong, Orderly
Brief History: 

 King of the Romonov Empire
The one who started it all by pizza-tron-2010 Back Then by pizza-tron-2010
Height: 6ft. 5in. || Nickname: None
Date of Birth: Early Winter 7761 A.K. || Age: 59
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual || Significant Other?: Iryna Romonov
Profession: King of the Romonov Empire
Personality: Passionate, Controlling, Stubborn
Brief History: 

 Mašta (Pronounced Mah-sh-tah)
OC - Masta by pizza-tron-2010
Height: 7ft. 0in. || Nickname: None
Date of Birth: Winter Beginings 7788 || Age: 32
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: Bisexual || Significant Other?: Kamil Riad Romonov
Profession: Nomad
Personality: Strong, Great at Leading, Hopeful
Brief History: 

Bleeding by pizza-tron-2010 At last by pizza-tron-2010
Height: 6ft. 0in. || Nickname: Connie
Date of Birth: None || Age: Ageless (Appears to be in early 20s)
Sex: Physically Male || Sexual Orientation: None || Significant Other?: None
Profession: Spirit Guide
Personality: Inteligent, Caring, Patient
Brief History: 

Vargo (with mask) by pizza-tron-2010 New Icon by pizza-tron-2010 
Height: 6ft. 6in. || Nickname: None
Date of Birth: Summer Endings 7798 A.K. || Age: 22
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual || Significant Other?: None
Profession: Farmer/ Nomad
Personality: Loving, Humble, Resourceful
Brief History: 


Star! Story 3 OCs: In this story, these characters are in another dimension but are summoned into our world, they are known as the "Summoned Ones"

Name: Phosphore
Stay Calm by pizza-tron-2010 Don't by pizza-tron-2010Pure Rage by pizza-tron-2010
Height: 6ft. 7in. || Nickname: Phossy (by Phantorum)
Date of Birth: None || Age: Ageless
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: None || Significant Counterpart: Phantorum
Profession: The Summoned of Anger and Rage
Personality: Quick to anger, Stubborn, Sassy
Brief History: 

Phantorum by pizza-tron-2010 Hug It Out by pizza-tron-2010 Just A Kiss by pizza-tron-2010
Height: 6ft. 10in. || Nickname: Phantom (by Sarvat)
Date of Birth: None || Age: Ageless
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: None || Significant Counterpart: Phosphore
Profession: The Summoned of Unneeded Love
Personality: Loving, Flirtatious (towards Phosphore), Strong Willed
Brief History: 

Hold Em by pizza-tron-2010 Basad by pizza-tron-2010
Height: 7ft. 0in. || Nickname: Horrible Monster
Date of Birth: None || Age: Ageless
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: None || Significant Counterpart: Sarvat
Profession: The Summoned of Fear and Trauma
Personality: Spoiled, Controlling, Unpredictable
Brief History: 

Height: 5ft. 9in. || Nickname: None
Date of Birth: None || Age: Ageless
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: None || Significant Counterpart: Basad
Profession: The Summoned of Good Will and Hope
Personality: Caring, Hopeful, Patient
Brief History: 

 "The Valiant Protector"
Valiant Protector by pizza-tron-2010
Height: 7ft. 5in. || Nickname: Valiant
Date of Birth: None || Age: Ageless
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: None || Significant Counterpart: Luxom
Profession: The Summoned of War and Protection
Personality: Brave, Patient, Strong
Brief History: 

Name: Luxom
Luxom (WIP) by pizza-tron-2010
Height: 6ft. 0in. || Nickname: None
Date of Birth: None || Age: Ageless
Sex: Male (Has both genitalia though) || Sexual Orientation: None || Significant Counterpart: Valiant
Profession: The Summoned of Lust and Desire
Personality: Manipulative, Passionate, Spoiled
Brief History: 


OCs that have no story: Basically any OC that I draw a lot and have a sort of backstory for.

Name: Arcadia
Sittin' On A Tree by pizza-tron-2010
Height: 6ft. 2in. || Nickname: None
Date of Birth: None || Age: 27
Sex: Male || Sexual Orientation: None || Significant Other?: None
Profession: Bug Man
Personality: Lazy, Self Absorbed, Outgoing
Brief History: 


I will continue to update if any drawings need an update or the story is somehow changed


Waiting List

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Half Body, Colored Sketch


Two Bust Sketches or One Colored Bust Sketch



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